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Thymocyte subsets mast cell calcium wave
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Faculty of 1000 Biology
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The CRAC channel consists of a tetramer formed by Stim-induced dimerization of Orai dimers.
Nature 456: 116-120. pdf

Faculty of 1000 Biology
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  U.S.A. 105:2011-2016.  pdf

Faculty of 1000 Biology
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Choreography of cell motility and interaction dynamics imaged by two-photon microscopy in lymphoid organs.
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Journal of Immunology 179: 2261-2269. pdf

Faculty of 1000 Biology
138138.Garrod, K.R., S.H. Wei, I. Parker, and M.D. Cahalan. 2007.
Natural killer cells actively patrol peripheral lymph nodes forming stable conjugates to eliminate MHC-mismatched targets.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 104: 12081-12086.    pdf

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Faculty of 1000 Biology

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Faculty of 1000 Biology

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S1P1 receptor agonism inhibits transendothelial migration of medullary T cells to lymphatic sinuses.
Nature Immunology 6, 1228 - 1235. pdf

  Faculty of 1000 Biology

126. Zhang S.L. Y. Yu, J. Roos, J.A. Kozak, T.J. Deerinck, M.H. Ellisman, K.A. Stauderman, and M.D. Cahalan. 2005.
STIM1 is a Ca2+ sensor that activates CRAC channels and migrates from the Ca2+ store to the plasma membrane.
Nature 437: 902-905. pdf, supp figs

  Faculty of 1000 Biology

125. Zinselmeyer, B.H., Dempster, J., Gurney, A.M., Wokosin, D., Miller, M.J., Ho, H., Millington, O.R., Smith, K.M., Rush, C.M., Parker, I., Cahalan, M.D., Brewer, J.M., Garside, P. 2005.
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STIM1, an essential and conserved component of store-operated calcium channel function.
Journal of Cell Biology 169: 435-445. pdf

  Faculty of 1000 Biology

123. Okada, T., M.J. Miller, I. Parker, M.F. Krummel, M. Neighbors, S.B. Hartley, A. O’Garra, M.D. Cahalan, and J.G. Cyster.
Antigen-engaged B cells undergo chemotaxis toward the T zone and form motile conjugates with helper T cells.
PLoS, Biology 3: 1047-061. pdf


  Faculty of 1000 Biology

122. Matsushita, M., J.A. Kozak, Y. Shimizu, D. McLachlin, H. Yamaguchi, F.Y Wei, K. Tomizawa, H. Matsui, B. Chait, M.D. Cahalan, A.C. Nairn. 2005.
Channel function is dissociated from the intrinsic kinase activity and autophosphorylation of TRPM7/CHAK1.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280: 20793-803. pdf


  121. Cahalan, M.D. 2005.
Stop! In the name of positive selection.
Nature Immunology 6: 126-128. pdf

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