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Our research incorporates single-cell approaches to investigate the immune response, using the patch-clamp method to characterize ion channels and a variety of imaging techniques to monitor motility, cellular interactions, Ca2+ signaling, and gene expression. 

Ion channels play vital roles in T cell activation, motility, and volume regulation. We identified five major classes of ion channels in T cells. In collaboration with Dr. George Chandy, novel targets and potentially useful therapeutic agents for immunosuppression have been identified. We identified the STIM and Orai proteins that form the CRAC channel and are now investigating Orai1 channel mechanisms, puncta organization, and cellular functions. 

Imaging opens a new window to visualize the behaviors of individual immune cells. We are studying lymphocyte motility, chemotaxis, and antigen recognition in the physiological context of the tissue environment. In collaboration with Dr. Ian Parker, we discovered that T and B cells are highly motile in their native habitat and migrate autonomously as part of their antigen-search strategy. We are now working with new genetically encoded calcium indicators as probes to monitor calcium signaling.


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