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Thymocyte subsets mast cell calcium wave
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Imaging Overview
Description: Why image and how
Size(MB) .5 MB
Download (zip) Imaging_Overview.zip


Calcium Dynamics and Gene Expression
Description: Phenotype, Ca2+ signal, spreading Ca2+ waves, mast cells, gene expression, NF-AT, people
Size(MB) 31 MB
Download (zip) Calcium_Dynamics_Gene Expression.zip


Calcium, Motility, antigen responses in vitro
Description: Ca2+ stop signal, T / APC dynamics, polarity of T cells
Size(MB) 10.4 MB
Download (zip) Calcium_antigen_responses_in_vitro.zip




Monitoring endocytosis
Description FM1-43 uptake in T cells, quantum dots in dendritic cells
Size(MB) 3.9 MB
Download (zip) Monitoring_endocytosis.zip




Immunoimaging in vivo
Description Two-photon microscopy, lymph node explant, intravital imaging, Ian Parker’s microscope, lymphocytes, motility
Size(MB) 35.8 MB
Download (zip) Immunoimaging_in_vivo.zip


Basal motility of na´ve T and B cells
Description Motility of T and B cells, random walk
Size(MB) 16.6 MB
Download (zip) Basal_motility.zip
Interactions between T Cells and Dendritic Cells
Description DC dynamics, random encounter, counting contacts, stochastic repertoire scanning
Size(MB) 105 MB
Download (zip) T_Cells_and_Dendritic_Cells.zip
Tracking an Immune Response
Description T / DC interactions during antigen response (Close encounters of the 1st kind)
Size(MB) 190.7 MB
Download (zip) Tracking_Immune_Response.zip
T - B Interactions
Description Antigen-induced chemotaxis of B cells to follicle edge (CCR7), T / B interactions (Close encounters of the 2nd kind)
Size(MB) 103.3 MB
Download (zip) T - B Interactions.zip
Lymphocyte Egress
Description Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptors, lymphocyte sequestration, tracking medullary T cells moving across lymphatic endothelium, sequestration requires agonist action, barrier model
Size(MB) 82 MB
Download (zip) Lymphocyte_Egress.zip
Overview and Credits
Description Summary of T cell, B cell, dendritic cell dynamics with and without antigen, photo credits
Size(MB) 7.2 MB
Download (zip) Overview_and_Credits2.zip

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