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Channel background
Description: Action potential, blockers, toxins, ion selectivity, gating, patch recording, crystal structure, channel diversity
Size(MB) 16.6 MB
Download (zip) Channel_background.zip



A Single Cell Approach to Immunology
Description: Squid, blood cells, T cells, ion channels, Ca2+ signaling, gene expression, T / APC dynamics, in vivo imaging, T cell channels
Size(MB) 16.6 MB
Download (zip) A_Single_Cell_Approach2.zip





Potassium channels biophysical and molecular properties
Description: T cell signaling, Kv and KCa biophysical and molecular properties, pub timeline
Size(MB) .2 MB
Download (zip) Potassium_channels_biophysical.zip





Potassium Channel Blockers
Description Peptide and other blockers of Kv and KCa channels, toxin mapping, pub timelines
Size(MB) 1.9 MB
Download (zip) Potassium_Channel_Blockers.zip





K Channel Phenotype
Description Changes in Kv and KCa expression in development and activation
Size(MB) 2.8 MB
Download (zip) K_Channel_Phenotype.zip



K Channels as Therapeutic Targets
Description K+ channels and proliferation pub timeline, K+ channels and T cell activation, Ca2+ signaling, changes during activation, progesterone, EAE model of MS
Size(MB) 24 MB
Download (zip) K_Channels_as_Therapeutic_Targets.zip

Chloride Channels and volume regulation
Description Swelling-activated Cl- channels, volume regulation, MDR cells
Size(MB) .2 MB
Download (zip) Chloride_Channels.zip

CRAC channels background
Description Early CRAC currents, Ca2+ signaling
Size(MB) 17.8 MB
Download (zip) CRAC_channels_background.zip

Description RNAi screen, Stim (STIM1), EF hand mutants, ER Ca2+ sensor, translocation to plasma membrane
Size(MB) 3 MB
Download (zip) CRAC_and_STIM.zip
Orai E180D

CRAC and Orai
Description Genome-wide RNAi screen, Amplified CRAC current, Orai as the pore-forming CRAC channel subunit
Size(MB) 3 MB
Download (zip) CRAC_and_Orai.zip


MIC - TRPM7 Channels
Description Outwardly rectifying MIC, single channels, TRP channels, TRPM7, channel/kinase, mutants, PIP2 screening
Size(MB) 14.7 MB
Download (zip) MIC_TRPM7_Channels.zip

Chloride Channels and volume regulation
Description Pioneers, Postdocs, Pis
Size(MB) 17 MB
Download (zip) Channel_Credits.zip



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